Чиста енергия за вашето бъдеще

Solarity BG

provides flexible solutions for power supply roofing systems, backup power supply, offgrid photovoltaic systems, sine wave inverter systems, inverters for photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic modules, suitable for every needs. In our website you will find detailed information about the systems for self-consumption - for use of cheaper electricity.

PVSonPhotovoltaic systems are extremely favourable for energy supply of consumers using electricity from the grid during the day mainly. These are most of the small and medium-sized industrial buildings that consume in daylight mainly. The integration of such system results in over 50% reduced energy bills. With the rising electricity prices, the repayment period gets shorter.



Solarity has developed a system for automated power control. The system monitors the energy production from the photovoltaic installation, compares the state of current consumption and insures that no excess energy is fed into the grid. Extremely favourable for cases where energy production is entirely for self-consumption and you do not want any binding contracts for the purchase of energy.



Solarity offers new energy management system for advantageous low price. You get hardware and software which provide you with all the details of your consumption and you will find new opportunities for optimization and cost reduction. Without being bound by licenses and maintenance. Single installation and long operation life.


heatingPV boiler is a system through which the boiler is heated electrically using energy from solar panels. Ideal for houses where piping is impossible.



upsSolarity offers industrial UPS systems. Three-phase solutions up to 400kW. In addition, you get backup power for important consumers in the production unit, you can adjust the load and in this way to facilitate forecasting and balancing your energy, leading to drastic savings in energy costs. The investment in such UPS has a repayment period of up to four years.


PoweAPSr supply for pumping systems, located at inaccessible places in the field is now at a very affordable price. With photovoltaic modules and control device type "plug&play", fully developed by Solarity, 10 hours of irrigation is ensured. NO battery blocks, NO maintenance and NO extra costs after installation!

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